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Pictures at Parcells

Katherine Justice, author

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There are no pictures at one Parcells…” “This is not what we do here…” These phrases are commonly said from all of our teachers and staff members at Parcells.  Some parents don’t want their kids pictures taken by other students at school.  They put their names on a list and that means if a picture is taken of them the person taking it can get in trouble for it.  I completely respect this rule at the school but most people in the school are not on the list. I feel that we should know who not to take pictures of in school so nobody gets hurt. Although I do feel that we shouldn’t just ban all picture taking at Parcells. I think there are many different and better things to do about situations in school rather than just banning everything.

People take pictures at school for a variety of reasons. Some because something funny is happening and they want to capture it or there is a list or something you need to remember or a shirt that you would want to get. Most of the school would never take pictures to offend people or do it without anyone’s permission or anything rude with the pictures. However some kids might do that and if someone does the you should take away their privileges to be able to take pictures rather than taking away everyone’s without giving us a chance to prove we can handle the privilege.

I understand and respect that the teachers and staff just want to keep the people that don’t want pictures safe, but there is no need to punish everyone in the school by banning it completely. I will not argue with the school about their rules and you shouldn’t either, but this is my opinion and I feel strongly about it.  This shouldn’t happen, but most people in middle school don’t follow rules because they don’t think they “have to” but you do; it is okay to have an opinion and maybe try talking about it, but don’t break the school rules.  

I believe that the rule should be no pictures of teachers or students on the no-pictures-list only. I think it could be ok if we were able to take pictures as long as it is alright with the person getting a picture taken of them and their parents. The school needs to, in my opinion, take these matters a little less strictly and let us have fun. If people abuse this privilege, then they should not be able to have them and take pictures but the people that did nothing wrong shouldn’t be punished for a few kids in the school that break the rules.

If you use your privileges and not abuse them then we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place but some kids don’t, so take it away from them and they should let all of the other kids have fun and take pictures to help make memories with their friends and classmates.

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For the students by the students
Pictures at Parcells