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Summer Reading Lists

Joey Cahill

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This summer you are going to have a lot of free time. I am going to spend most of it reading. I love to read and hopefully you do, too. I have already created one and it looks like this.

  1. The Hobbit
  2. Reread Harry Potter Book 3
  3. Reread The Outsiders
  4. Lord Of The Rings 1 Part 1
  5. Lord Of The Rings 1 Part 2
  6. The Hate U Give
  7. Reread The Fault In Our Stars
  8. Lord Of The Rings 2 Part 1
  9. Lord Of The Rings 2 Part 2
  10. Game Of Thrones 1
  11. Game Of Thrones 2
  12. Game Of Thrones 3
  13. Lord Of The Rings 3 Part 1
  14. Lord Of The Rings 3 Part 2
  15. Reread Harry Potter Book 4

So, let’s create yours!


First, write down any books you want to read on the top of your mind. Now you can start finding new books! Write down a few genres you like. Now go online and research the genres and add your reading level to the search for more accurate results for your liking. I personally like all genres except Biography/Autobiography.


Next, put them in order of reading wants. If you really want to read book 1 and not so much book 2, put them in order. Then make a sheet with boxes by each of the book names. Put the title and start reading! Have fun on your reading adventures.


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For the students by the students
Summer Reading Lists