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Terrorist Attacks in London?

Elizabeth McMahon

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London Bridge attack – ISIS claims responsibility for Borough Market terror as video shows jihadis stalking pubs searching for victims’’


You may have heard about a recent series of unfortunate events that occurred near the London bridge last Saturday Night. Many videos have been seen on the news of people fleeing the streets of London in panic. Officials say that at least seven people were killed and another 48 people were seriously injured. Within eight minutes of the first emergency call, officers shot and killed all three suspects in a popular restaurant and bar nearby.


All three suspects were not born in the states but have lived here for a while. Officials believe that there may be one more suspect but have yet to find them. Two out of three of the suspects have been reported in acts of terrorism in the past in various countries other than the US. Although nothing like this has occurred in the states recently, it is always safe to stay away from suspicious behavior and stay safe.

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For the students by the students
Terrorist Attacks in London?