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The Safety of Memes

Elizabeth McMahon

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Memes are taking over various forms of social media these days and although memes can be very, very funny sometimes, some memes aren’t just a joke. Memes have not always been the same thing as we know now and some memes are no longer funny, but are taken way too far.


Recently, several Harvard students were “barred’’ or, in other words, kicked out of college, for posting “obscene’’ memes on a private Facebook profile. The students posted messages joking about child abuse, Holocaust, and sexual assault. The students that were busted for inappropriate internet content have also directed several racial slurs at others. Apparently, Harvard is not the only school to have these policies; several other schools have done this, as well, such as Notre Dame and Alabama.


In my opinion, there is no reason that the students shouldn’t have been kicked out of college. The topics were inappropriate although they may seem funny at first, they can definitely be taken too far. Personally, if I were a student at Harvard, I certainly wouldn’t be posting images such as those online. Things like inappropriate memes and rude comments are not something that I would ever imagine coming from a student at one of the top schools in our country.


Getting kicked out of college was not the only thing that impacted those students’ careers, but they can no longer attend a handful of top notch schools in the country. Always think before you post, somethings are not funny to everyone, especially college officials.

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For the students by the students
The Safety of Memes