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COD Zombies Map Names In English

Michael Cook

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If you are an avid Call of Duty player, you probably have played there zombies gamemode. The zombie trilogy has a huge fan base of people trying to solve all of the easter eggs to understand the backstory more. There have been over 20 zombies maps including maps that revolutionized the zombies experience. But there are some map names that are in other languages so people have to find out what they mean. Once you find out what they mean, they briefly tell you about them. Here are the names and definition by game.


Call Of Duty WAW

  1. Nacht der Untoten– In English, this means “Night Of The Living Dead”. This map was the first ever zombies map to be made. This map is what made zombies famous. The map was not intended to be put into the game, with not much to do and no big Easter eggs.
  2. Verrückt– In English, this means “Crazy”. This map is based on a old abandoned insane asylum. You can also play on this map in online multiplayer.
  3. Shi No Numa– In English, this means “Sunflower”. Many people don’t understand how this name has anything to do with the map besides it taking place in a swamp.
  4. Der Riese– In English, this means “The Giant”. This map is called “The Giant” because it is the first place that the place where the zombies were created.


Call Of Duty Black Ops 1

  1. Kino Der Toten- These words mean “Cinema Of The Dead”. The backstory to this map is that it is a old abandoned German cinema that has been overrun with zombies.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

  1. Zetsubō no shima– These words mean “Island Of Despair”. This map is based on an island use during WW2 but has been abandoned for many years.
  2. Der Eisendrache– This word means “The Iron Dragon”. The map is based off a very old castle in Breslau, Germany up on a mountain.
  3. Gorod krovi– This word means “City Of Blood” this map takes place in a war destroyed town in the middle of Russia.


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COD Zombies Map Names In English