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Name of the Story 7

Nathan Miller and Michael Cook

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The Name of the Story

Chapter 7: The End?


       A slimy green footprint, and the smell of the Sky Shower, only one person could have done this… IT WAS JOOB STEVS! I was SO ANGRY that my own friend betrayed me. I trained him, we escaped the 195 prison together, I fed him, and gave him a home. I couldn’t believe he stole it! I told the CIA agent and he said he was going to search the woods and city to find him. I WAS FURIOUS! We went both went back to woods and saw a trail of footprints leading to river, and there weren’t any on the other side. We started to walk across before I fell into a hole underneath the river and was in a secret base.

       I was so confused that someone managed to get an underwater secret base there. As I stumbled to my feet then I saw the symbol on the wall with the numbers “195”. I knew I was in big trouble once I saw it on the wall. I heard footsteps walking down the hallway so I dove behind a bush, and I heard a voice I haven’t before. A weird… alien like one. I peeked above the bush and Joob standing there, speaking with the 195 leader. It all made sense, he was thrown in my cell back at the 195 HQ, he must have been undercover following me all this time.

       The betrayal was no match for me, because I had something no one else did, the spirit of the godly powers the Sky Shower held. I unleashed the powers of the Sky Shower on the 195 and saved the best person for last… Joob Stevs. I cornered him with his team members all around him knocked out. I said one last thing before I punched Joob Stevs right through the ground into prison, “Don’t mess with Howard… savior of the Sky Shower.”


The End…

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For the students by the students
Name of the Story 7