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2017 NBA Draft- Detroit Pistons

Andrew Buckman, Sports

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Detroit Pistons

There have been rumors about the upcoming draft. One of them is about the Detroit Pistons trading their pick at #12. The Pistons need to trade this pick and get a “win now” player. There have been rumors that they will get Eric Bledsoe or Klay Thompson, but let’s see what will happen in my opinion.


#1: The Pistons don’t trade their pick and draft someone. This is the most probable thing to happen. In the last few years, the Pistons have drafted guys who barely even play. Players like Spencer Dinwiddie, who was traded away a year later. Michael Gbinije who is a good shooter from Syracuse but never plays for some reason. And last from the past years we have Henry Ellenson. He came out of Marquette and was originally a center but moved to power forward when he was drafted by the Pistons. He never plays, unless there is an injury or something like that. As you can see Stan Van Gundy is not very good when it comes to drafting players.


#2: We trade the pick for Klay Thompson. This has been rumored around lately that Klay wants to leave his splash-bro, Steph Curry, and the Warriors. He said in reports that he wants to be a leader for his team. He wants to be a star player by himself, not being with Curry or Durant. Klay would be a great fit on the Pistons because we could let KCP walk or put him on the bench to make us stronger. We could trade our #12 pick and some players to acquire Thompson.


#3: Trading for Eric Bledsoe. This would be the most logical move to make. We need a new point guard, thinking Reggie Jackson won’t return next season at his best. We could just trade our #12 pick with Reggie Jackson and that would be a fair trade for both sides. Eric Bledsoe had an amazing season last year but  I feel like the Suns would want more than just the draft pick and



There are also rumors about players like Paul George, Draymond Green and Kyle Lowry. Knowing the Pistons, none of these probably will happen.

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2017 NBA Draft- Detroit Pistons