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MJ or LeBron

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MJ or LeBron

There has been many debates about Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Michael Jordan is known as the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) and has been doing things that nobody has ever done before. Since LeBron is debatable to be the greatest player in the world, many people have thought that he is better than Jordan, but he isn’t for these reasons.


Andrew: #1 LeBron getting carried in the finals. Lebron has always been known to be an elite player, but in 2016 Kyrie Irving was helping LeBron win the Finals. Kyrie has great IQ and vision on the court. He is also a great scorer and has good dribble moves. Kyrie Irving is a great young player and was able to “beast and feast” against the Warriors while LeBron was struggling to score with Draymond Green’s defensive ability.


Terrell: #2 Michael Jordan is a better scorer than LeBron. Michael Jordan is a great scorer that can shoot, drive and make plays. Michael Jordan currently has 32,292 points while retiring 3 times. LeBron though hasn’t gotten to the 30,000 mark of points. He has had better competition, but still has been a great scorer.


Andrew: #3 Michael Jordan’s competition. As you may know, the 1980’s were filled with great players such as, Magic Johnson, Larry Legend, Kareem, Julius Erving. Ok, you get it now. Jordan was so great against these players that played defense. Now we look at who LeBron has to deal with. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Jimmy Butler, Demar Derozan. Doesn’t it look like LeBron plays easier people? Interesting.


Terrell: #4 Michael Jordan has better stats than LeBron has. He is a 6 time NBA Finals champion, 6 time Finals MVP, and 5 time MVP. He has been to 6 finals and won 6 finals. LeBron has been to 8 finals, but only won 3 and is a 4-time MVP.
After all these reasons, Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James and he always will be better, even when LeBron retires.

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MJ or LeBron