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Reading, Why It’s Important

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Ugh, why do I even need to read for homework? I hate reading. Reading takes too long. I’m sure you’ve thought this at some point. Only 40% of students have read a book within the past twelve months, but reading can be fun. Here are some reasons why reading is not only fun, but beneficial to your health.


One of the most effective ways of reducing stress is to read. It can reduce stress 68% more than listening to music, 100% more than drinking a cup of tea, 300% more than going for a walk, and 600% more than playing a video game. Some people get so stressed out over school or work, house chores, keeping in touch with others and more, that we don’t even realize how badly it weighs down our mental health!


By reading, you will learn so much and do better in school! If you read ONLY 20 minutes a day, you will end up reading 1,800,000 words per year and will score around the ninetieth percentile on standardized tests. If you read for five minutes a day (which is pathetic), then you will read 282,000 words a year and will only score within the fiftieth percentile on standardized tests. If you read as little as one  minute a day (why even bother reading for one minute, though) you will read 180 words per year and score within the tenth percentile on standardized tests. So start reading for the sake of your grades!


Reading makes you more empathetic. People who read end up donating more to charity and wanting to help others in general. This is believed to be because you spend time with a character, hear their thoughts, and see through their eyes. You suffer with them and then feel prosperous with them at other times. This leads to “seeing through people’s eyes” in the real world. So read, you might help out someone who needs it.


    Reading is important. Not only is it good for your mental health, it will help you in school, make you more of an affectionate person, and it is fun! I hope I inspired you to start reading a book. I would recommend trying to read at least twenty  minutes each night. Good luck on your reading adventures, I hope now you’re booked!



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For the students by the students
Reading, Why It’s Important