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NBA Finals 2017

Terrell Pope and Andrew Buckman

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After all the hard-fought games and all the blood, sweat, and tears, we have made it to the NBA Finals. For the the third year in a row, the Golden State Warriors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the last two times these teams met in the Finals, they have both won a championship. The Warriors won in 2015 and the Cavs won in 2016. With  Stephen Curry’s amazing MVP season and Lebron’s historical 3-1 lead comeback. But only one team will walk away in 2017 as champions.


Andrew: I believe the Warriors will win for these reasons. Since adding Kevin Durant, the Warriors’ record may have not improved, but the team did. This is the best lineup ever, created by coach Steve Kerr. Steph Curry is up there for one of the best shooters of all time. Behind Curry we have Klay Thompson, the lockdown shooter, Kevin Durant, who is an all around player, and Draymond Green, who should be defensive player of the year. The Warriors are struggling a bit at the center position, but Javale McGee is alright.


Andrew: This is why the Cavs will not win. LeBron is getting old and starting to fall out of his prime. Kyrie Irving is a great young player, but Steph Curry will be too much for Kyrie to handle. Next is Kevin Love. Love is a great Stretch Big at the power forward position. He has been a huge reason why the Cavs even made it to the Finals this season. With Draymond Green’s defensive ability, he should be able to stop Kevin’s shooting.


In this case, not being biased, I feel like the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Finals in 4-5 games.


Terrell: I believe the Cavs will win for these reasons. Since winning the finals last year the Cavs have only lost one playoff game. With Kyrie in his prime nobody can stop him cause he can drive to the rim and he is a good shooter. Also, he is known for his good handles. Lebron James is just impossible to stop. A great all around player that can shoot, drive, and play defense. He can carry the team. Kevin Love is a great Stretch Big.


Terrell: This is why the Warriors won’t win. Curry is a good shooter, but Kyrie can take Curry to a level where he would try to reach all the time. Kevin Durant is a great all around player like Lebron, but Lebron is better and will put KD on clamps. Draymond Green is a good defensive player, but his temper is something that could get him kicked out the game. The Warriors don’t have a good second string. At center they struggle with a good player.   
I feel like the Cavs will win the Finals in 6 games.

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For the students by the students
NBA Finals 2017