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NBA top Draft Prospects

Trever Mulkey

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NBA top Draft Prospects


  1. Markelle Fultz, the point guard from Washington is the number one prospect for the 2017 draft. Here are some reasons why. He is 6’4 so he can either shoot or drive to the lane if he wants to. This year, nobody has found a solution on how to guard him. That pretty much explains why we think he is going #1 in the draft.
  2. Lonzo Ball, the Point Guard from UCLA is the number 2 pick. Lavar and Lonzo both say that he is going to the Lakers and they happen to have the second pick. Lonzo is at number 2 because he can shoot when he wants. he can drive and pass. He averages 42.1% behind the arc and 55.1% from the field.


  1. Coming in at the number 3 pick is Jayson Tatum, the small forward from duke. Jayson is a Mcdonald’s all American and is 6’8. He has a wingspan of 7’o so he can block shots, rise up above other players and grab rebounds. He averaged 16.8 points and shot 45.2% from the field.
  2. Josh Jackson plays small forward and shooting guard and went to Kansas for college ball. He is 6”8 and weighs 207 pounds. Josh can even pass averaging 5.6 assists a game and 16.3 points per game. Josh is capable of shooting and has a very good mid-range game. He averaged a 51.3 field goal percentage and shot well from behind the arc.


  1. Coming out of Florida state is Jonathan Isaac. Jonathan plays small forward and power forward. He stands 6’’11 and weighs 209 pounds. Jonathan has a specialty of grabbing rebounds and going coast to coast. When Isaac starts running at you, you probably don’t want to take a charge! He shot 50.8% from the field and averaged 8 rebounds

Those were some of what I think are the top prospects for this year’s NBA draft.

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NBA top Draft Prospects