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The Name of the Story 5

Nathan Miller and Michael Cook

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The Name of the Story

Chapter 5: Escape

     “Come on Joob! We got to get out of here! They found us!” I was yelling to Joob Stevs. Joob doesn’t understand what I am saying, but I yell at him anyways. He was on my shoulder while we were running outside. We were right at the exit door before I remembered the Sky Shower. I turned around and left Joob outside to get the Sky Shower. As I ran through the hallways, I could here the 195 trying to find me, but I hid as soon as I heard one say, “I’m going to check down this hallway.” I hid inside the crate that held the Sky Shower and the 195 member walked right past me, but before he was gone he turned around and said, “We know you’re here, and we will find you.” Then, he left and gave me an opening to run out with the crate.

     I got outside and into my truck with Joob and we were gone in the blink of an eye, off to find a new place to live. As we rode down the street, we saw a nice home to live in. It was HUGE! It was bigger than the house I used to live in. This house was the biggest BOX I’ve ever seen! It could fit me, Joob Stevs, and the Sky Shower.

     We moved in right away, the Sky Shower was in the corner, the tv was next to the door, and the beds were in the middle of the room. It was very spacious; it was like a million dollar house! IT WAS GINORMOUS! We had been there about a week or two before we realized there wasn’t any food left. We called the CIA agent and he brought us tons of food and had to fill our entire house with raw meat. He went a little bit crazy with the meat, but it was okay. As soon as he left we had to find a way to cook it. Since we were in a box, we have no heat, gas or electricity, so that’s one problem.

     When we were escaping the 195s, I managed to slip one of their flamethrowers into the crate with Sky Shower, so we cooked up the meat and ate it. But then the door busted open with a 195 standing behind it. I was like “WAAAAAAA…”


To Be Continued…

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For the students by the students
The Name of the Story 5