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The Name of the Story Chapter 4: Escape

Michael Cook and Nathan Miller

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The Name of the Story

Chapter 4: Escape


I followed them into a room labeled ‘Specimen S’. The one who looked like the leader of 195 immediately shot a look at me and I knew I was in trouble. All I said was “uhhhhhh…. Pizza Delivery!” All he did was just keep staring. Luckily I had my emergency pizza on me at the time. So I pulled it out, and put the pizza on the table. They all ran over yelling some random language I didn’t understand. It sounded like “shua flua chua”. When they were stuffing their faces with the pizza I started to look around to see what the were doing. There was just a bunch of papers with some sort of language; on the paper it said, “Watter soort pizza het jy.” I don’t know what it meant so don’t ask me.

I saw a curtain covering something up. It had to be the Sky Shower, I waited for the 195 members to occupy themselves with the pizza. Then I sneakily opened the curtain and found it was the Sky Shower. So I went up to the group of 195 guys and told them that I saw It running down the hallway; one by one, they started down the hallway. Once I knew they were gone I pulled open the curtain, grabbed the Sky Shower and ran towards the emergency exit at the other end of the hallway.

I was running down the hall before I remembered I told 195 I saw It. They walked into another room and I slowly sneaked by the door, and was about to get away before one of the people there said loudly, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I told him to keep it down, but it was too late. One of the 195s locked me up in a cell and took away the Sky Shower.

It has been a couple of hours before one of the guards came with a mysterious box with something moving in it. Then he whipped off the blanket covering the box and there It was. Oh I forgot to tell you what It is. It is a tiny alien looking thing that runs around going crazy in stuff; so that is what It is.

I was confused what it was at first then he open the door and threw It in the cage with me. I jumped right to my feet and backed right up to the corner of the cell. All It did was just stare at me with a dumb expression on his face. So I named it Joob Stevs.

I trained Joob to bite through the bars and get us out. We ran over to the Sky Shower and Joob picked it up with the hand that came out of his mouth. He pried open the doors to escape and I rode all the way back home where I took a Sky Shower. But where did I take it? No one will ever know….
To Be Continued???????

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For the students by the students
The Name of the Story Chapter 4: Escape