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Trump’s Address to Congress

Sophia Graham, Editor

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A few weeks ago, President Trump spoke to the whole country about his plans for the future of his presidency and the USA. This live speech where the president speaks to Congress, called the State of the Union Address, is a way for the nation to know what’s going on in our government. Since this is Trump’s first address, it technically isn’t a real State of the Union, and is only considered to be a speech (presidents in their first year can’t have a real State of the Union). However, he handled many major and controversial topics in the address. Here are some of the issues President Trump discussed a few weeks ago—and what he plans to do about them.


Trump started the speech by discussing crime rate in our country, especially in Chicago, and told Congress what he plans to do to reduce it. He said that the US needs to be more violent, in a way, in our ways of stopping gun-related crimes. This idea got a lot of applause from members of Congress, but many others disagree, saying that fighting violence with violence will just make criminals angrier. President Trump also mentioned his immigration plan early in the speech as well, saying that he wanted to raise wages and create more jobs for the unemployed, which would greatly benefit our economy if it worked. Trump also proudly  announced that “we will begin construction of the border wall along Mexico!” which received standing ovations from many Congressmen and Congresswomen,


Next, our president discussed ISIS and “radical Islamic terrorism”. He stated that we cannot let our country become a sanctuary for extremists, and that temporarily blocking immigration from 9 Middle Eastern countries will prevent terrorism within our country. He also exclaimed that he will defeat ISIS, which would be wonderful but incredibly difficult without assistance from other countries. Also, since ISIS’s followers are so widespread, it would be impossible to completely eradicate every terrorist. Trump also said that we have been spending too much money to assist the Middle East (over six million dollars), and that we should instead be repairing infrastructure, such as sidewalks and roads, in the USA. Finally— no more weird pebbly sidewalk replacement bumps on every block in Grosse Pointe!


During his speech, Trump also discussed another topic that he advertised during his campaign: replacing Obamacare. He announced that Congress is currently in the midst of repealing the Affordable Care Act, and that his plan will have a few key rules that differentiate it from Obamacare. He wants to: ensure that Americans with health care can smoothly transition to his plan, help Americans purchase the insurance plan they want, give state governors  assistance in  making sure every citizen can get insurance, protect sick people from high costs at doctor’s offices, and lower the cost of insurance for everyone. This plan would be very helpful for people with illnesses, so hopefully Trump can make his insurance plan cheaper.


President Trump also showcased the life stories of many guests in the audience, including a woman with a life threatening disease, the families of children killed by illegal immigrants (used to showcase his protection plan for people killed by illegal immigrants, VOICE), and the wife of a Navy Seal killed in Yemen. The wife of the Navy Seal was sobbing when Trump addressed the bravery of her late husband, and the camera remained focused on her face, which, truthfully, would’ve been pretty embarrassing. After Trump had finished talking about the Navy Seal, he and his wife received a record breaking two minutes and eleven seconds of applause! This was an emotional high point of the speech, and every member of the audience, regardless of political affiliation, applauded.


Overall, Trump’s address was a lot calmer than some of the very heated debates with Hillary Clinton during the fall. Regardless of whether you like Trump or not, however, we can all agree on one thing— there was a tooooooon of applause.


*This article was written during the same week of the address.


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Trump’s Address to Congress